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When Cancer Free Isn't Free At All...A Caregivers Perspective

Today my husband celebrates two years since the doctor walked into our hospital room and told us his cancer was gone. One might say he was cancer free. Now, I'm not one to get lost in wording, nor do I get offended easily - but there is something about hearing "cancer free" that makes me cringe a bit.

We are not cancer "free" - but my husband doesn't have active cancer.

We are not cancer "free" - we wake up every day and deal with ramifications from his treatment and surgery.

We are not cancer "free" - an occasional pain or soreness makes him question his body and wonder if cancer is coming back.

We are not cancer "free" - we still get medical bills in the mail weekly as we pay off his treatment.

To be free of something feels like it shouldn't be part of our daily lives. And yet, it's still something we think about or deal with every single day. We are grateful to be free of chemo treatments and of his cancer - it is 100% a privilege we are thankful for every day. And we know that every day gets a little bit easier...a little more free.

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