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It's All Out There - Publishing A Book

We are two weeks into the official book launch - and I'd be lying if I said that it has been an easy few weeks. It's been lacking sleep and full of anxiety to be completely honest. Sure, there are traces of pride and excitement, but surprisingly it has been very tough to have the book officially out there for the world to read.

Why? That's the obvious question.

What did you think would happen if you wrote a book? Another logical question.

Don't you want people to read it? Proof there is such a thing as a stupid question.

The list could go on and on, but imagine someone chronicling the worst days of your life and then letting the world read it. I knew if I did this, it needed to be real, it need to be raw and it needed to make me uncomfortable. To put a book out that sugarcoated our story would have been easy, but unfair. This has been hard, but I feel like it is a fair representation of our story.

What has been the most strange is that everyone is now getting the same story. While it was never intentional, different people got different variations of what was happening in our world. For example, I kept things more surface level at work and tried to keep my personal chaos out of day-to-day work conversations. Some days we kept our parents or close family in the dark on details because we knew there was nothing they could do to help us so we figured we wouldn't worry them more. Friends knew different levels of details, and of course what I chose to share or not share on the blog. Those days are over, everyone is getting the full uncensored story now, like it or not.

So the moral of the story, this has been the single craziest thing I've ever done...and despite the anxiety, nerves, and lack of's one of the most exciting too. More to come...

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